Case Management Services

Linkage to Care Case Management Services

Linkage to Care Case Management Services is a program designed to identify and link HIV-positive clients to medical care and services. These services are offered by qualified non-medical case managers who will assess a client’s needs and address barriers to receiving HIV care.

Linkage to Care Case Management at APLA Health offers a range of services, including:

  • Assessment of an individual’s needs and available services offered through APLA Health.
  • Registration for eligible services within APLA Health.
  • Referrals to HIV medical services offered within APLA Health, as well as other HIV services offered in L.A. County.
  • Transportation for APLA Health clients, such as free taxi rides to and from medical appointments and assistance with public transportation needs.
  • Clientline provides information and referrals to clients and community members in need of assistance via telephone. A trained intern, volunteer, or employee will answer questions and provide information about accessing services at APLA Health and throughout L.A. County. You can call Clientline at 213.201.1500 or toll-free at 866.772.2365.


Linkage to Care Case Management Services are provided to individuals who:

…are living with HIV, reside in Los Angeles County, and have never attended an HIV medical care appointment.
…are living with HIV and were previously in HIV medical care, but who have not attended an HIV medical care appointment in the past seven months.
…are living with HIV and have a doctor but have yet to achieve an undetectable viral load.

How to register:

Our Get Started section contains information about registering for services and what you need to get started, program eligibility requirements, and more.

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