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SP Housing

We can help you with housing so you can focus on taking care of your health.

SP Housing

SP Housing is a housing assistance program funded by the Los Angeles Housing Department and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, around since 1998.

Supportive Housing

What is supportive housing?
Combination of housing and services to provide a cost-effective way for people to live more stable, productive lives.
Funding comes from an active community services stream, across the United States
SP Housing Resources is not Section 8 or an entitlement program
Supportive housing encompasses a range of approaches:
  • Single sites, such as housing developments​ or apartment buildings
  • Scattered sites, such as participants that use rent subsidies, housing from private landlords, or flexible, primarily focused on housing stability for participants

Our Clients

Who do we support?
Supportive housing aims to support those who face the most complex challenges to leading a successful life
These challenges may include:
  • Homelessness​
  • Low income
  • Serious persistent issues (disabilities, medical conditions, other impairments)

More Information

SP Housing Program for Landlords
Property rental agreement is between SP Housing and the Landlord / Property Management Company.
SP housing pays full rental amount requested, as well as security deposit.
All monthly rental payments are made directly from SP Housing to the landlord on the first of the month, and direct deposit is available.
General client contact information will be provided once rental agreement is in place (name, phone number, license #), while other personal client information will be kept confidential.
SP Housing Resources will provide landlords stability in rental income, whether there is a tenant or not.
Landlords / property management company representatives may contact Leslie Oedy, Housing Manager for SP Housing at 213.201.1610, with any questions or concerns. Office hours are from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.
SP Housing Program for Clients
We offer anonymity of living and quality of care to people that want to live as independently as possible. SP Housing seeks out properties that are above standard and will provide a safe environment for our tenants.
The premises will be used only as a private residence for a tenant or tenants of SP Housing.
Upon move-in, our Intensive Case Management Team maintains close contact with the tenant, providing regular home visits and supportive services, such as money management and life skills training.
Through connecting our clients with available resources and addressing potential barriers to housing retention, SP Housing strives to assist our clients in achieving successful outcomes and remaining housed.
The tenant is visited by a housing specialist at least once a month.
To maintain their tenancy, the tenant MUST comply with the rules and regulations of the property, and the SP Housing standard rental agreement.
Please note that SP Housing is a private agency and that we do not accept direct referrals at this time.

Our Programs

Housing for Health
County-funded program aimed at reducing homelessness and improving long-term health outcomes among vulnerable populations within Los Angeles.
Linkage to affordable, permanent housing in conjunction with integrated case management services is designed to promote housing stability and retention, as well as individual autonomy.
Our Intensive Case Management providers assist HFH participants in both securing and maintaining their housing placement.
Services offered include, but are not limited to, assistance around housing search and application, budgeting and money management, linkage to medical and mental health care, and navigation of community resources.
There are no time limitations on program participation, meaning that individuals will continue to receive services as long as needed to ensure housing sustainability and preservation.
For More Information
Permanent Supportive Housing
Leslie Oedy: inquiries@sphousing.org
For more information about our other housing programs, please email sphousingdepartments@sphousing.org
  • Housing Support Services
  • Housing for Health Intensive Case Management Program
  • Group Homes
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
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