Event Sponsorships

Sponsors donate to and enjoy a variety of events for networking, business development, and community support.

Supporters of APLA are as diverse as the ways in which they engage and give. Participants donate to and enjoy a variety of events for networking, business development, and community support. Your company can capitalize on this goodwill by sponsoring one or more APLA Health special events such as AIDS Walk Los Angeles.

As the needs of the underserved communities of L.A. County have evolved, so too has our capacity for impact. We’ll have even more opportunities to engage with sponsors, walkers, teams and influencers in the future, with you playing a crucial role in the success of our event.

Sponsorships range from $1,000 to $50,000 or more and offer multi-platform promotional exposure commensurate with giving level. Custom engagement opportunities will be considered on an individual basis.

Your company can even organize its own fundraising team for AIDS Walk Los Angeles and/or plan your own fundraising event or food drive.

Current Partnerships

Corporate partnerships are critical to APLA Health’s work. We explore new and innovative ways to partner with businesses in the fight for health equity because we believe much can be achieved in our work through meaningful collaborations with the business sector.

We are grateful to the outstanding companies that join us in improving the health and wellness of our communities and always encourage our donors, event participants, and clients to patronize these vital corporate partners.







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Sponsoring APLA Health is a demonstration of your organization’s values. It shows that no matter how difficult the fight, you’re committed to action. This is your moment to win hearts and minds, develop lasting relationships, and align yourself with the vocal champions of a movement.

Are you ready to improve your corporate image, increase customer retention, and build brand loyalty? Please contact Ken Mintzer for a strategy discussion today.

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