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Legacy Giving

Legacy giving is a way to leave a meaningful legacy to APLA Health and to ensure the ongoing viability of our organization.

The Legacy Society honors those who have remembered APLA Health in their estate plans. These gifts help ensure healthcare equity and promote the well-being for the LGBT and other underserved communities and people living with and affected by HIV.


There are a number of planned gift options, most of which offer considerable tax benefits. Estates both large and small can benefit from planned giving and make a significant impact on APLA Health.

  • Bequest (Will or Living Trust)
  • Beneficiary Designation (life insurance or IRA)
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Retained Life Estate


  • Cash
  • Publicly traded securities
  • Retirement plan assets
  • Personal residence, vacation home, or other real estate
  • Life insurance policies
  • Closely held stock
  • Family limited partnership interests
  • Collections
  • Other assets of value

Please consult with your professional advisor to determine if an estate gift is right for you. Your advisors can help you explore the possibilities and identify ways to maximize the financial and tax benefits of an estate gift. APLA Health also offers free information to help you explore these options further.

Joining the Legacy Society is as easy as completing, signing, and returning this letter of provision.

Sample Language for Leaving a Bequest to APLA Health & Wellness (d.b.a. APLA Health)
“I hereby give, bequeath, and devise [the sum of $_____], [_____ percent of my property both real and personal], or [the name of a specific piece of property] to APLA Health & Wellness, which has its principal place of business at 611 S. Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90005, and whose 501(c)(3) tax identification number is 84-1661910.”

Get in Touch

Contact Ken Mintzer at 213.201.1525 or kmintzer@aplahealth.org with questions or for more information.

Legacy Society

Planned giving is the marriage of philanthropy and sound financial planning. By making a bequest to APLA Health through a will or trust, naming APLA Health as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan, or creating a life income plan to support APLA Health, these donors are forging a lasting legacy that benefits the people they most care for, and those who depend on APLA Health for services.

We extend our gratitude to the following individuals who have named APLA Health in their estate plans.

Jose Alcala
Grace Anderson
Michael Becker
Malcolm Blue
Gary Bond
Kathy Bouchard
Victor Cardell
Jerry Dealey
Mike Dorrington
Loretta Eason
Inger Godley
Rodney Gould
Margaret Guerra
Loc Nhu Hoang & James Siler
Richard Jeffery
Jeff Jenest & Robert Colangelo
Martin Kane
Dr. Lee Klosinski & David Cohen
William Landrum
Scott Linn
Robert Loving
Arthur MacBeth
Victor Manzella
Diane McCarry
Carol Meckler
Mary Medley
Thomas Medsger
Michael Mullen & Barry Johnson
Barth Norton
Patrick O’Brien
John Oden & Dr. Mark Dizik
Don and Bess Owens
Suzanne Rosentswieg
Chaz Shields
Donna and Gregory Spears
John Spence
Susan Stoller
Alan Swartz
Ron Sylvester
Craig Thompson & Walter Lowry
Rene Valtier
Lee Wallace
Irene Walzer
Michael Ward
Danielle Wolff

Legacy Society In Memoriam

We are grateful for the numerous legacy gifts received over the many years of APLA’s history.

Lurene Albert
Walter Alford
Helen Austin
John Auzin
John Babington
Dorothy Bailey
Emory Bass Jr.
George Beal
John Bell
Juan Benitez-Vargas
Gerald Bergeron
John Bicket
James Bidwell
Dr. Joseph Block
Abraham and Helen Bolsky
Hanna Bopp
Fred Borenstein
Charles Bowden
Howard Bresner
Ralph Brewer
Craig Broek
Roy Leonard Brown
Nina Byers
Terrence Byrne
Victor and Andrea Carter
Louis Cataffo
Frederic Chace
David Chierichetti
Robert Clapper
Eunice Cleff
Ronald Clement
Stanley Cohen
Cohen/Wright Trust
Walter Conley
Sarah Crampton
Lillian Crews
J. R. Danielson
Patricia DeNeut
Phillip Dennis
Theodore Divine
Mark Donahue
Donald Douglas
William Downey Jr.
Blanche Drettler
Daniel Duesler
Sadie Dullman
Pauline Eisenberg
Lawrence Eisenberg
David Ellis
Ruth Emory
Vern Eveland
Walter Luks Febick
Richard Feldman
Jack Fields
Bruce Fiigen
Louis Fink
John Finnesey
Gregory Fisher
Mindelle Fisher
Aida Foti
William John Frayer
Harold Freudenheim
John Gaines
Gilbert Ganz
Oliver Garver
Peter Geissler
Leonard Gerson
Richard Giannini
Dwight Gibson
Edward Gould
Robert Gould
David Graham
John Graham
Barbara Grant
Robert Green
Melba Gregory
Richard Gross
Rose Mary Gunn
Philip Gunnison
Robert Halff
Stephen Hare
Leo Harman
Michael Hawkins
Robert Hawkins
Norman Hawkins
Charles Heaton
Stanley Hebel
James Heider
Kenneth Heisterman
Harold Helsel
Christopher Herman
Evelyn Hirsch
Ernest Hirsh
Dr. Elliott Hochman
George Hodgins
Roswell and Elizabeth Hoffman
Richard Hornung
Aaron Howard
Gerard Hunt
Leslie Hunter
Gary Hutton
Sidney Jacobson
Louis and Jane Jacobson
C. Robert Jennings
Arthur John
Alan Scott Johnson
Kurt Johnson
W. Conley Johnson
Jimmy Jones
Gary Kalkin
Robert Keagy
Kenneth Kee
Frank Ker
Addison Kerr
Frances Kirkland
Stephen Korbel
Gregory Koset
Hank Kovell
Kurt Kreuger
Alfred and Marion Kronfeld
Nicholas Labedz
Lewis Lackie
Jack Lance
Ray Landreth
Michael Lannan
Robert Lanphear
Anthony Lau
Dean Laubenheimer
G. Lazoraitist
Dorsey Leard
Al and Mary Leavitt
Anne Lederer
Deborah Leschin
Hertha Sandra Leshner
Albert Levinson
Sheila Levinson
Ray Lewis
Thomas Liberato
Helen Lipman
Juan Lopez
Arthur Mancin
Richard Mandell
Gene Marceau
Kenneth Martin
David Mason
Alan Matays
Thomas Mathie
Ralph Matthews
Edward Mausser
Barney Max
Robert McClone
Thomas McCutcheon
Philip McDonald
Thomas McDustrell
Frank McGuire
Patrick McHugh
Richard McNamara
Robert McQueen
Martin Mendel
Betty Merfeld
Joan Midwinter
Michael Miller
Robert and Minna Mitchell
Michael Monahan
David Morse
Donald Moseley
Leslie Mullins
William Nagle
Robert Nathan
Tom Nelligan
Bertha Nepove
William Nicholas
James Niver
John Noel
Albert Normandin
Robert North
Brian O’Dowd
Rich Oechsler
Don Olivier
Sean O’Reilly
Robert Parker
Robert Paston
Spero Pastos
William Paxton
Faye Peluso
Leonard Peterson
Richard Pfefferman
Joseph Pino
Robert Pleines
Grace Pobirs
Terry Jo Pobirs
Robert Prest
Miriam Rand
Javier Rea
Matt Redman
Nathaniel Reed
Marc Reilly
W. J. Richardson
Florence Robbins
Mildred Rodstrom
D. Scott Rogo
David Roller
Greta Rosenblum
Marvin Rothenberg
Henry Rottman
Michael Ryan
Doreen Rypinski
Donald Sadler
Carl and Josephine Sanden
Marjorie Sanders
Anthony Sands
Nancy Cole Sawaya
Katharine Scallan
Natalie Schafer
Henry Schaumberg
L. Franc Scheuer
Donald Selten
Robert Shea
M. W. Shephard
Bernard Smolens
Margaret Sommer
Alvin Sommerville
Sousa Family
Angela Sovilla
Manuel Spern
Floyd Stancliff & Frank
Sidney Stern
Daniel Stratford
Gordon Strube
Ken Stump
Sylvia Sugar
Diane Sullivan
Lee Sylvester
Brian Taggert
Paul Talmot
Shinichi Tanaka
Peter Tarup
Robert Tashjian
Jeanne Thomey
Deborah Thompson
Peter Thorslev Jr.
Maurice Thurman
Marie Traxler Kistler
Edward Troth
Raymond Tyler
Alphonso Vallejo
Frederick Voyles
Paul Waigner
Donald Watson
Dorothy Joan Watson
Kevin Watson
James Randolph Weaver
Danny Webster
Alvin Weiss
Martel Weitzman
Dorothy Nell White
William Wilkins
James Williams
Robert Wood II
Eugenia Yesthal
Clyde Young
James Zelinger