Michael Martinez, PsyD

Supervisory Psychologist

Dr. Michael Martinez earned his Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree with a focus on Community Psychology at the University of La Verne. His graduate program helped him view his clients in their environmental context and how their environment contributes to their mental health. Michael has dedicated his academic and professional career to work with many types of minority groups (LGBTQ*, Latinx, Asian Americans, African Americans, economically disadvantaged people, and unhoused people). During graduate school, Michael helped develop a conference to help train early career mental health professionals to work with LGBTQ* individuals. Michael has worked with individuals, families, couples, groups, and conducted anti-bullying presentations for high school students.

Ultimately, Michael views his clients as their own experts and views himself as a person that can supplement his clients’ toolbox and perspective with his knowledge of psychology. He emphasizes therapy as a team effort that can manifest profound change when there is a strong therapeutic relationship. Michael is dedicated to helping his clients find balance, control and a voice in their everyday lives.

Languages Spoken: English

Specialty Areas

Negative Self-Talk

Theoretical Approach

Seeking Safety
Humanistic Therapy
Trauma Informed
Harm Reduction
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
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