Behavioral Healthcare

Behavioral Healthcare

Mental health plays an important role in your health overall.

We take care of your mind as well as we take care your body. Stepping toward improving your mental health can be both exciting and challenging!
At APLA Health, we offer a multitude of behavioral healthcare services to meet your needs. Our services are provided by licensed clinical psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, and highly trained therapists.
We can help you with a variety of concerns including:
Depression and anxiety
Grief and loss
Anger management
Building healthy relationships and stable support systems
Eliminating and/or managing alcohol, drugs, or behavioral addictions
Adjusting to life events (job loss, breakups, medical diagnoses including HIV, etc.)
Recovery from trauma
And many other issues
APLA Health offers outpatient services such as:
Individual therapy sessions
Confidential assessments, consultations, and intakes
A team of substance abuse specialists with the availability of individual therapy, groups, and medically assisted treatment
Integration with your medical care team
Referrals for more intensive services, if needed
Same-day crisis services
Group therapy
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