Alex Black, ACSW

Associate Clinical Social Worker
David Geffen Health Center, Koreatown

Alex Black is an Associate Clinical Social Worker. He earned his bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration from Morehouse College in 2020. Alex also received his Masters of Social Work from the University of Michigan in December 2022 with focuses in Interpersonal Practice in Integrated Health, Mental Health & Substance Abuse and Community Change.

Despite having a brief career in social work, Alex has had various opportunities to work at the macro and micro level, specifically within sports. He has been a member of the Alliance of Social Workers in Sports since April 2020. He began as an intern managing and updating their research database. He has also received his sport social work certificate and interned with the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation as his field placement from the organization. While at the University of Michigan, Alex operated within the athletic department as a trainee for the Athletic Counseling Team and Athletes Connected. His experiences are expansive and provide him with valuable insight that enhances his ability to intervene with vulnerable populations.

He is passionate about community enrichment within marginalized communities.

Alex is interested in applying a mezzo approach that encourages self-determination and enhances self-awareness. His approach is holistic, strengths-based and focuses on the healing of ALL. Alex also utilizes an informed approach that features various evidence-based practices and modalities. As a change agent, he will continue being intentional by prioritizing their care and experience along with the health, wellness and safety of others. His main priority is continuing to develop as an individual and clinician in route to obtaining full clinical licensure.

Interest in CBT-I, Restorative Yoga, DBT & EMDR training

Languages Spoken: English

Specialty Areas

Death / Loss / Grief
Trauma-Informed Care
Intergenerational Trauma & PTSD
Life Transitions
Interpersonal Relationships
Career Stress

Theoretical Approach

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Motivational Interviewing
Humanistic & Client-Centered
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Africentric Practice

David Geffen Health Center, Koreatown

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