Christopher Boyden-DeShazer, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Christopher Boyden-DeShazer is a black queer licensed clinical social worker recognized by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Christopher earned a Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from San Francisco State University. Christopher has extensive experience providing support to various diverse and vulnerable populations impacted by anxiety, trauma, depression, addiction, and severe mental illness. Christopher has throughout their professional journey worked to address disparities in treatment for people of color and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Christopher utilizes a collaborative, culturally competent trauma-informed clinical approach infused with mindfulness. Christopher works with clients from a non-pathologizing judgmental approach and deeply values diversity within identities. Christopher practices a humanist perspective, using empathy and kindness to recognize and support client’s strengths in dealing with a variety of concerns. Christopher believes empowerment comes from within and grows when given support.

Languages Spoken: English

Specialty Areas

Anxiety / OCD / Panic
Trauma and PTSD
Substance Abuse / Addiction
LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Therapy
Minority Groups
Grief / Loss / Bereavement

Theoretical Approach

Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Psychodynamic Therapy
Harm Reduction
Seeking Safety
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Solution-Focused Therapy
Strengths Based
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